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About Us

<sup>What We Do&#160;</sup><br/>A Guide On Your <br/>Life Journey.<br/>

What We Do 
A Guide On Your
Life Journey.

Personalized investment management and estate planning services shape your wealth journey, offering confidence from wealth accumulation to preservation and multigenerational transfer.

Our firm was established in 1993 and evolved into Continuity Wealth Management in 2024. This new identity better reflects our belief: in all life's transitions, whether multi-generational wealth transfers, starting a new job, entering retirement, getting married, or welcoming a new child, smooth financial continuity is paramount.

Our lead advisor, Justin Curtiss, leverages his background as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and experience as a former Estate Planning Attorney. While Justin no longer practices law, his expertise in estate planning uniquely positions him to assist clients with multi-generational wealth transfers, surviving spouses, clients with young children, as well as client serving in professional fiduciary roles like trustees and executors.

<sup>About Us&#160;</sup><br/>A Team That <br/>Understands You<br/>

About Us 
A Team That
Understands You

Guided by integrity, excellence, collaboration, and a service mindset, we prioritize your best interests and strive to deliver exceptional service. Our expertise is a testament to our commitment to your financial success.

Our approach centers around improving your financial situation and providing maximum benefits. We've established a client-centric process that begins with an initial meeting to gather background information and foster mutual understanding. A follow-up meeting lets us review the financial plan and discuss how we can best serve you. If you believe we're a good fit, we begin onboarding with our dedicated support staff. Regular quarterly portfolio review meetings ensure we stay updated on your investments, life changes, and general well-being.

We believe in transparency and comfort, not high-pressure sales tactics. We don't charge for initial meetings or financial plans; we aim to provide you with a clear picture of your current financial status. This approach lets you decide if you want our assistance without obligation. We prioritize fostering a healthy, long-term relationship with our clients, inviting them into a client-advisor partnership where their needs and interests always come first.

As part of your local community, we're dedicated to assisting you and future generations in building and preserving wealth. Your questions are our priority, your needs our focus, and your financial continuity our mission. Let us guide you on your wealth journey with confidence and peace of mind.

Meet The Team 
Who You'll Be Working With

Justin Curtiss, J.D., CFP®


My passion is helping people achieve their goals. My professional journey began as an estate planning attorney, a role that, while fulfilling, lacked the ongoing client relationships I sought. The work was largely transactional, and...
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Bill Baldwin, CLU, ChFC


With extensive experience in portfolio creation, my focus is on developing investment strategies that not only grow wealth but also withstand down markets. My approach integrates asset allocation, tactical rotation, and thoughtful...
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Anna Curtiss

Director of Operations & Client Service

As Director of Operations, I lead the team in optimizing our operational efficiency and effectiveness. With a relentless focus on detail, I streamline workflows and implement strategic initiatives to enhance productivity and...

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Leann Hantze-Dickey

Client Service Specialist

As the lead Client Service Specialist, my top priority is ensuring our clients receive top-notch service. I aim to cultivate a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere where you feel comfortable navigating essential tasks and gaining...
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