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Justin Curtiss, J.D., CFP®

Justin Curtiss, J.D., CFP®


My passion is helping people achieve their goals. My professional journey began as an estate planning attorney, a role that, while fulfilling, lacked the ongoing client relationships I sought. The work was largely transactional, and after completing an estate plan, I would often not see clients again for several years. Seeking a deeper connection with my clients, I transitioned to the role of a financial advisor in 2020. This move allowed me to maintain client relationships and offer tailored financial guidance. I enjoy understanding my clients' unique situations, crafting personalized plans that align with their goals, researching and developing investment strategies to foster portfolio growth, and providing valuable estate planning advice to ensure a seamless wealth transition.

My expertise lies in multigenerational wealth transfer, supporting surviving spouses, and guiding clients who receive significant inheritances. I also serve fiduciaries, including Trustees, Executors, and Attorneys-in-Fact. This specialization stems from my background as an estate planning attorney, equipping me with the knowledge and skills to assist clients through the estate administration process.

At the heart of my life and career are two core principles: learning and service. I am committed to continuously learning about my clients to enhance my service quality. I strive to serve clients well through my work, offering the best advice and guidance to help people navigate their financial journeys. This commitment to my clients extends beyond their financial goals to their overall well-being, fostering relationships that are not only professional but also deeply personal and fulfilling.