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Navigating your financial journey can be complex. That's where we come in. We specialize in blending financial planning, investment management, and estate planning to build wealth for you today and future generations.

WHAT WE DO FOR YOU                                                            con·ti·nu·i·ty / a state of stability and the absence of disruption.

We are your guides, helping you navigate every financial transition in life as smoothly as possible.

We believe in simple ideas executed well. Life's transitions are pivotal, and ensuring financial continuity during these times is essential. We focus on you - understanding your needs, answering your questions, and guiding you through life's financial complexities.

Navigating the complexities of wealth management and estate planning can be daunting, often leaving individuals uncertain about their financial future and retirement plans. By offering tailored advice rooted in a deep understanding of our clients, we empower them to thrive financially.

<sup>Who We Help&#160;</sup><br/>A Guide On Your<br/>Life Journey

Who We Help 
A Guide On Your
Life Journey

We aim to assist individuals and families at
every stage of their wealth journey.


Multigenerational Wealth Transfers

We ensure a smooth and strategic transfer of wealth across generations, preserving your legacy. When passing on wealth, you want your beneficiaries to be ready to receive an inheritance. By meeting and getting to know all generational levels of a family, we can provide unique multi-generational wealth transfer advice to help the next generation use their inheritance wisely. Whether it’s transferring a family business, paying less estate tax, or setting up trusts for minors, we are experts at multigenerational wealth transfers.


  Surviving Spouses

We provide guidance and support to help surviving spouses manage their financial futures with confidence during challenging times. Losing a spouse is one of the most difficult periods in a person’s life. With patience and understanding, we work with the surviving spouse to manage their wealth and ensure they are cared for financially. Often, surviving spouses can be nervous about significant decisions after losing their spouse. We partner with surviving spouses to ensure that these decisions are made wisely, with tax and other wealth transfer considerations in mind.


Beneficiaries of Estates

For those receiving large inheritances, we assist in responsibly managing these newfound assets, aligning them with long-term financial goals. An inheritance can be helpful or hurtful. A beneficiary receiving an inheritance who does not have the tools or knowledge to manage these resources well can spend this money very quickly. We specialize in helping beneficiaries of estates navigate the complexities of the estate administration process and set them up to use their inheritance thoughtfully and carefully.



For professionals and individuals serving as Attorneys-in-Fact, Trustees, or Executors, we partner with you to manage the estate properly, and administer the estate per your investment fiduciary duties. Serving as a fiduciary for a family member is often complex and challenging. It may involve taking care of a spouse or parent who has dementia and cannot handle their affairs. We partner with the fiduciary and understand their challenges in working with the principal who can no longer care for their finances. This transition can be a delicate balance between working with the fiduciary and ensuring the principal is heard and cared for. With our unique experience, we can assist the principal and the fiduciaries through these difficult times.

How We Help 
Everything You Need
in One Place

Our services encompass various aspects of wealth management, tailored to meet your unique needs and aspirations.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

We devise personalized financial plans that align with your goals, providing a clear path toward financial security and prosperity. We work with you to ensure you are on track to meet your retirement goals. In addition, if you are already retired, we help ensure you do not overspend in retirement and have enough assets to last through your life. 

Investment Management

Investment Management

Unlike many other financial advisors, we manage your investments in-house. We build custom portfolios that align with your goals and execute them with tax efficiency in mind. We primarily utilize low-cost Exchange-Traded Funds and believe in long-term, tax-efficient investment management. We ensure that your portfolio reflects your risk tolerance, and we rebalance your portfolio regularly to ensure that it appropriately reflects how much risk you should be taking. We also employ tax-loss harvesting to invest your portfolio tax-efficiently.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

As experts in estate planning, we ensure a smooth transition of your wealth across generations, safeguarding your legacy for the future. Generally, the last thing clients want to talk about is their estate plan. We make the conversation easy and understandable. As a previous estate planning attorney, Justin has unique experience in helping clients figure out their estate plans to help ensure a smooth transition to the next generation. We partner with specialists to help clients set up their estate plans at a low cost to you.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

We offer comprehensive tax planning strategies tailored to your specific financial situation. Our proactive approach aims to minimize your tax liability and enhance your financial efficiency, ensuring your assets work harder for you. This includes helping you reduce your Federal and State estate tax liability, if possible.

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<sup>Who We Are&#160;</sup><br/>

Who We Are 

As fiduciaries, we understand the unique responsibilities of managing others' assets. We provide strategic advice and support to professionals and individuals, helping them fulfill their duties with utmost integrity and diligence.

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